Contrabass Clarinet

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The Best Buffet Student Clarinet

For a beginner oboe player, the 1st step in the understanding approach is a rather obvious one, - to buy an instrument to play on. These could likely be divided into three main issues; - the type of instrument, the cost of the instrument and the make of instrument.

I'm not going to go into further detail over this here. Your best bet is to consult a player who are going to be in a position to demonstrate the two systems. In the UK the vast majority of players use the Thumb-plate method whereas on the Continent of Europe most use the Conservatoire. You will uncover that individuals who play on the Conservatoire system claim that it will be the greater one and people who play on the Thumb-plate make a similar claim. If you might be having lessons with a teacher let he/she guide you.

Some of the favorite expert oboes now have a combined program which incorporates each finger systems on the one instrument. In case you are a beginner oboe player, you might be extremely unlikely to be playing on such an oboe.

There is also the situation of the instrument excellent to take into consideration. A few of the pointers here is going to be covered by the sections below, but there are various levels of instrument, i.e. - student models, intermediate models and full professional models.

THE COST OF THE OBOE: This is often a tricky 1 as the Oboe is significantly more costly than either the flute or clarinet. Instruments in the UK range in price from around £1000 for a good student instrument to about £7000 for a skilled instrument. Often go to a reputable oboe or woodwind specialist to purchase an instrument and not just go for the cheapest oboe you may come across on eBay or that you are most likely to end up with an instrument of very dubious quality. The oboe is demanding adequate to play even when you have an excellent instrument. If your oboe is poorly produced it'll be a nightmare to play.

Selmer clarinets are among the most well-known brands within the planet for school band clarinets. If you see a 13-year-old carrying a clarinet to school, it will possibly say either Selmer or Bundy (which is portion of Selmer) on the case. They are solidly built instruments, and have a good, strong reputation, even though some persons make unflattering comparisons to the greater priced clarinets.

There are Selmers from the 1960s and 70s that are still going strong. A Selmer clarinet probably is not the clarinet a professional in a symphony orchestra would choose, however it was not created to be that. It was made for students and just about any student that sticks with clarinet from age 12 or so until he or she graduates high school will likely have place that clarinet by way of some serious usage, especially if it was employed in a marching band.

College marching band directors enjoy Selmers for marching season because they sound excellent and if they get somewhat rain on them, they're not going to hurt. Nobody's going to take a high-end Buffet clarinet out onto a rainy halftime football field.

You might wish to learn more articles on my site to do with Buffet Student Clarinet and The Contemporary Contrabass.

contrabass clarinet

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Marco Mazzini plays Alex Shapiro's "Deep" (contrabass clarinet)

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can you buy a contrabass clarinet, NEW?

i live in perth, Western Australia and i was wondering where you can buy a new contrabass clarinet. i dont mind if it is off the internet.

Best Answer...


You'll be lucky! Contrabass clarinets are like gold dust and don't exactly change hands very often. When they do, it will be for big money. Those that have contrabasses hold onto them as they tend to have the monopoly for being asked to play those rare contrabass parts (more common in high-paying film-music sessions, however). Or they MIGHT rent them out to established professionals who will look after them.

I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't even a single contrabass clarinet in Australia (I only know of 2 in the UK).

The only companies making contrabass clarinets are Selmer, Leblanc and Vito. Perhaps you should start there.

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